Want Evidence “Birthers” – Here It Is

Lou Dobbs is an idiot. The citizens of Delaware are idiots, at least a few good dozen of them. And, shocker, Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. The conspiracy surrounding the birth place of President Obama is the most ludicrous weapon in the arsenal of the ignorant, the detached, the “I’ll do anything to get that socialist demon out of office.”

Why are we even still talking about this? How much more evidence is needed to prove that President Obama is a legal citizen of the United States than the fact that the Supreme Court allowed him to become president? Are they in on the conspiracy too? Need I remind you that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a conservative who was appointed by George W. Bush. What could possibly motivate him to lie?

If the Supreme Court’s clearance isn’t enough here’s the proof that the “birther” morons keep crying for. BTW birther’s it’s easy to find if you actually look for it. A copy of Obama’s birth certificate can be found on his website and all over the Internet.

If this really is a mass conspiracy, it reaches many branches of government – from the state of Hawaii to the Supreme Court. It would involve people of different ideologies, with different political goals, different political ties and people who did not support Barack Obama for president. Yet birthers really think they lied about his origin of birth?

I am as sure of his citizenship as I am that “birthers” are complete morons, or worse delusional, non-partiotic naysayers who just love the Bush era of America so much they’re willing to sacrifice the country to get that type of leadership back. These are the same people that don’t understand how the common man (the birthers themselves) were screwed by their beloved Bush.

Here’s a hint for you all – Obama has already done more in 6 months to protect the people of America than Bush did in 8 years. For that fact alone his birth place shouldn’t matter bit. Not to mention OBAMA’S MOTHER IS A U.S. CITIZEN!

Want more proof he’s a U.S. citizen birthers? His birth was also noted in 2 Honolulu newspapers.

You really need no more proof than this video from CNN’s Rick Sanchez.

I know how it feels to have a president you don’t like. I spent eight years wishing George W. would screw up enough that we could impeach his ass and get him out of office. But, at least we used valid reasons to attack the man. Instead of playing up this ludicrous theory, you should be focusing on things like his healthcare policies, or his bailout efforts.

Good luck finding fault in Obama’s policy making compared to his predecessor.

3 Responses to “Want Evidence “Birthers” – Here It Is”

  1. Northeast Elizabeth Says:

    Okay, now produce his original 1961 birth certificate. The one he posted online was a 2007 computer printout from a database and we have no way of knowing whether it accurately reflects the information contained in the original. Hawaii officials have offered conflicting statements about whether they examined the original before creating the 2007 printout, or whether the the original was destroyed in 2001.

  2. Let me pull that right out of my back pocket . . . no wait, I don’t have it. I don’t even have mine, for God’s sake. Does that mean that I wasn’t really born in Austin, TX? The state of Texas only keeps original records for twenty years. My mother just tried to get hers to update her name after a divorce and was politely informed that it no longer exists. She can get a copy, however. For the state of Texas Department of Transportation, and the Social Security Board, that sufficed. Good thing she’s a caucasian whose parents were also caucasian and born in the US – I think, I haven’t seen their birth certificates for proof.

  3. Jackelope Says:

    How hard can it be to produce the original birth certificate from 48 years ago with the signature and thumbprint of the physician, a copy of the medical diploma and medical license (current as of Obama’s birth, not a more-recent one), and a foundation document that proves the valid authority of whomever issued the birth certificate?

    In order to prove that foundation document, the originating charter or constitution of the organization that issued the foundation document must show proof of their validity and authority and their valid origin.

    All of those documents will have to be backed up by the originating charter, constitution or other document of origin of whichever authority granted that power (be it a signer of the Declaration of Independence or a member of the First Continental Congress – we don’t want to make this difficult).

    Originals only, please.

    Please have carbon dating, ink analysis and complete chain-of-custody records on hand for each of these documents.

    Acceptance of any document is at the discretion of the Tinfoil Hater of the Day.

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