Republicans Are Set on Digging a Hole for Themselves or Us

I shouldn’t be surprised by the response of the Republican policymakers after the 2008 presidential election, but I am. I’m surprised and shocked because they are playing politics at a time when this country can’t afford it.

And the reason why we can’t is mainly because of them.

People Don’t Trust the Government, That’s Why the Town Hall Meetings Are Out of Hand

Sunday on “Meet the Press” Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said the reason why the town hall meetings have been plagued with violence and angry, fearful protesters is because people don’t trust the government. That is the root cause he says, saying that “an uncontrollable federal government that’s spending 50% of what we’re making this year and borrowing from the next generation.”

This coming from a person in the party that ran our country’s deficits up to record heights, borrowed heavily from China to pay for two wars, advances in Medicare and more without ever figuring out how they were going to pay for it first.

Not to mention that they were responsible for the irresponsible de-regulating of industries like lending which ultimately led to our economic collapse. Where were the Republicans then to warn of uncontrollable government and borrowing from our next generation.

Why do you think some people don’t trust or have confidence in the government right now? Is it because that’s the message that Republican politicians themselves and their media minions Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are purposely putting out to the people with the intent to mislead them and coerce their opinion?

The point that I’m getting to and the answer to the question Sen. Coburn, is that people are getting out of hand at these town hall meetings because of Republican politicians and ring wing media.

Republicans Have Already Forgotten Their Own Response to War Protesters

During these disruptive health care town halls the Republicans have constantly touted the protests, their organizers and their participators as being American – they are trying to have their voices heard, they are asking tough questions that they have the right to ask.

Organized protests are fine, but some politicians are trying to excuse the protesters suggesting and acting upon violence, disrupting town hall meetings in which other citizens can not receive the information they came their to get, or to speak their own piece so they can have the same opportunity to have their own voice heard.

It is completely un-American to try to stifle political discussion and debate over policy that is going to affect the entire country. Some of these protesters need to turn their Communism posters around to themselves.

That’s why the Republican hypocrisy is so unbearable if you look back to their response to the war protesters. People using the same right to protest as the liberty loving Tea Baggers were called:



So what the Republicans are saying is, whenever ring winger supporters want to protest (even if using threats of violence and misinformation) then that’s apple pie American greatness of democracy in action and any body who wants to say other wise is a Communist. But if left wing supporters do it then they’re terrorists who hate this country and want to divide and destroy it.

Just the fact that many war protesters were armed with actual facts unlike many of today’s health care reform protesters makes the Republican flip-flop on the issue pretty revolting.

Our Right to Protest is Being Abused for the Gain of Others

Special interest groups are using the right to protest as a tactic for manipulating the legal system and bully its lawmakers. They’ve done it before and they’re doing it now. The real issue is that they are doing so with inaccurate, misleading information that is in no way based on truth to try and ensure that the status quo (and their profits) are maintained.

To me as an American citizen this attempt to derail health care reform is a crime against humanity. It is an attempt to suppress measures that would increase the quality of life for millions Americans which is not only wrong, its unconstitutional.

And any Republican who thinks that derailing health care reform will help them and their party in the 2010 elections should be ashamed of themselves to recognize that they don’t belong in the office of a public servant.

Hopefully their constituents will be appalled enough not to vote for them.

The Republican Outlook for America Is Not Good Unless its Wrong, How is That Positive?

The message that has been put out by the Republican party and their base since shortly after Obama took office has been one of pessimism and doubt.

They said the stimulus package was going to be a huge waste and expressed their lack of confidence in it doing anything to help us pull out of the deep recession. That is was going to be nothing but a financial burden on the American people. They said the same thing about bailing out the auto industry and banking industry.

Most Republicans did little to help add to the stimulus bill or help it through Congress, instead opting to sit back and predict its failure. This means they are either wrong or we all are going to suffer the consequences. How can Republicans rationalize either scenario being good for them unless they don’t mind seeing Americans carry financial burden just to watch Democrats fail?

Instead of offering solutions and really rolling up their sleeves and putting their thinking caps on they are being lame ducks hoping that the Democrats fail at what they’re doing.

They’re being Debbie Downers at a time when we need people of positive action. Because what the American people really need to think about it that the scenarios being offer up by most Republicans is that either they are wrong or the future is hell.

I think I’ll choose the Democratic scenario of lets take action and learn from history to progress forward and start building a stronger America for everyone.

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