‘Boy in the Balloon’ Kids Need a Spanking – And Police Should’ve Been More Thorough

Update: It appears BSP Politech contributor jwilhelmy may have been right about the boy in the balloon incident being a complete set-up. We also predict there will be a lot of boy in the balloon  Halloween costumes this year.

Today the media was ablaze with a whooper of  a story that only comes around every once in a while. A 6-year-old was afloat thousands of feet in the air in a home-made aircraft powered by helium. One of the boy’s older brothers alerted their parents that his brother had climbed into a box at the base of a home-made aircraft just before it took off into the air.

After hours of horrible anticipation and balloon tracking the world watched the aircraft slowly come to a nice, soft landing. However, the boy wasn’t inside.

These Kids Need a Good Spanking

Unlike some others I was very much hoping the kid wasn’t inside, no matter how it landed. The aircraft was powered by helium which meant after more than 2 hours there’s no way the boy in question, Falcon Henne, could have survived without an oxygen supply. But now there was the fear that he must have fallen off along with the small box at the base of the aircraft. (No one thought to mention the box compartment until the contraption landed.)

After several more grueling hours of police and emergency crew searches the boy was discovered in perfect health. It seems that the lad was hiding in the aircraft box in the family’s garage attic. Yeeeeeeah.

See I enjoy a well thought out prank, but my cousin did something every similar during a game of hide and go seek when we were around 6 years old oddly enough. It happened while we were at our Grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner and the whole houseful of adults and kids went on a frantic half out search involving  a call to the police before I found her wedged in the narrow gap between the couch and a wall.

That day all five of us kids learned a very valuable lesson as we watched Miranda get a good old fashioned spanking. The general relief  of all involved saved my cousin from reprimand for only a few minutes. What I took away from the situation is that the joke is over once someone mentions getting the police involved.

All joking aside the stunt today cost Colorado a lot of money. Taxpayers’ money. Not to mention that the aircraft could have gotten in the way of a plane’s flight path.

The one that needs the spanking isn’t Falcon. He’s the youngest of the group and stuck up in the attic he most likely had no idea how the situation had escalated, unlike his older brother. He’s the one that needs a good old fashion spanking, and a few ours of community service wouldn’t hurt either.

The Police are Also to Blame

I’ve got one question; how thoroughly did the police search the home before the whole damn county went into media saturated panic mode? Did you ask for a complete description of the aircraft so that you could rule out the possibility that he was in the balloon that everyone was chasing?

Because if you had, a few people could have chased down the balloon and that would be that.  The police could have then narrowed their search for the child to the family’s property and the local area. Then policemen, EMS personnel and reporters wouldn’t of had to stand around in a field today.

And the general public could have used that media coverage time for real news reports, like the issue of increased violence against peaceful protesters the world over.

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