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Tea Party Leader Can’t Give Reasons for Opposing Obama

Posted in 1 on December 10, 2009 by Bitch Slap Poli

NPR did a dozy of a report on the Tea Party organization which seemed to let off a lot of its steam this summer while spreading misinformation about health care. Now that they’re losing the lime light it seems Tea Party leaders have figured out what made them such a hot ticket in August.

Anger. Blind, egged-on anger.

If you listen to the report, pay close attention around the  8 minute mark. Dallas area Tea Party leader Lorie Medina couldn’t seem to come up with a real reason for why she opposes president Obama. Not one single thing about his policymaking.  (Bet tea baggers hate that the stimulus, though it has its flaws, is working to stabilize the economy.)

Her complaint was that he apologizes for our country when overseas. Apparantly though Medina’s Christian she doesn’t believe in apologizing when she’s done something wrong. That, or she doesn’t understand the tone and actions that our country’s leaders have taken with the rest of the world this decade and the ill will that it created world-wide.

Or that many of our previous political leaders cared more about themselves and their wealthy friends than her and their country when they passed tax cuts that added more than 2.1 trillion dollars to our debt and gave approximately half of the tax cut benefits to the wealthiest 5% of the population, or in other words them and their friends.

Which means those tax cuts cost the middle and lower class by way of added debt and loss of funding for federal, state and local programs in return for tax cuts that weren’t equally shared.

We got boned. Citizens for Tax Justice put it this way:

From 2001 to 2006, the typical middle income American has received a tax cut totaling $1,855 per family member. But that family’s share of the added national debt burden is $8,936 per person.

Do you recall what you did with the roughly $370 in tax savings each year? Me neither, but I do know it would be nice to have trillions less in national debt right now.