About Bitch Slap Politics

BSP is here because in this awesome country you have the freedom of choice. But that choice comes with great responsibility because in our democratic government your choices and our choices ultimately affect all of us.

We must make sure that we have all of the information from multiple perspectives and that the information is accurate so that we can make the best choices possible for all of us. And we at BSP also want to make sure you are informed so you can’t use the excuse of ‘I didn’t know”. “I didn’t know” is dangerous, if you don’t believe us think of this: “I didn’t know” got us 2 terms of the Bush Administration.

So no longer do you have the excuse of “I didn’t know” because the information is out there and we are giving it to you. If we have to bitch slap you to make you stop ignoring the hard facts and pay attention then so be it. Don’t test us, because we aren’t afraid to bitch slap anybody.

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