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Glenn Beck is a Bigot – Here’s Why

Posted in 1 with tags , , , on August 1, 2009 by Bitch Slap Poli

Glenn Beck has stirred up a lot of controversy this week (which no doubt was intentionally done for a boost in the ratings) when he called Obama a racist. Without expanding on the accusation beyond that he made a dumb comment regarding the police in the Gates case and that he’s appointed non-whites to White House positions. You know what, let’s turn a sharp eye on Mr. Beck and give him a taste of his own loose-lipped medicine.

Here’s why I think you’re a bigot who’s just using the media to further your own agenda Glenn Beck – and unlike your observations I’m going to provide evidence to back it up.

First, What is a Bigot?

Wikipedia defines a bigot as:

“a person who is obstinately and irrationally, often intolerantly, devoted to his or her own religion, political party, organization, belief, or opinion, especially one who regards or treats those of differing devotion with hatred and intolerance.”

We’re off to a good start for my argument.

Exhibit A: Beck’s ‘Obama’s a Racist’ Remarks

The infamous interview alone pegs Beck as a bigot.

His reasoning that Obama’s a racist because he’s appointed African Americans and Hispanics to White house positions is in and of itself irrational for his argument. Because according to Beck every white president before Obama is obviously racist due to the fact that they appointed alarmingly more white people than non-whites.

If we really wanted to pick apart the racial views of the people that surrounded President Bush and the Republican party in general, Beck would look like the fool he is for even bringing this point up.

He also out right says he’s tired of having to be politically correct all the time (which he’s not). But the comment was obviously made in regard to issue of racism. Being politically correct means not saying racist things, Glenn. So does your comment mean you’d rather be openly racist than have to put up a politically correct front?

Exhibit B: Talk About Hatred

Glenn Beck, no matter how he touts himself as a Christian and working for all that is right in Christianity, doesn’t seem to grasp the fundamental¬† beliefs of the religion. He once spoke about strangling Micheal Moore to death on air. His anti-government rants ere so passionate Beck ended up on the Department of Homeland Security Right Wing Extremism Report.

The report stated that this same kind of extremist sentiment in the early 1990’s contributed to the Oklahoma City bombing. Beck didn’t back off on the issue, even after the report was released, until Dr. Tiller was shot dead in a church by an anti-abortion extremist and a white supremacist went on a rampage at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Up until that point he fanned the flames of hatred rather efficiently.

Exhibit C: Obstinately Supported the War of Iraq

I’m going to make myself really clear here. I fully support the troops of this country. I grew up a military kid with a father who is a 3 time war veteran, including the War of Iraq. I know first hand the sacrifices that are made by soldiers and their families. I also supported that the war removed a dictator and helped Iraqi women gain more freedom.

However, I do not support our reasoning for going to war, a president who lied to his country, or how that war was handled after the initial attack. I believe that when looking at the entire picture we put our military focus in the wrong place and in the end put our country at much more risk.

Being the bigot that he is, Beck obstinately has stated that he supports the War of Iraq so whole heartily he would never question the cause. Though I don’t agree with Cindy Sheehan entirely, I really don’t agree with Beck who called her “a pretty big prostitute” for being one to question the cause and use her freedom of speech to do so.

Final Remark: I could do this all day long even though I think it causes my brain to rot a little. But I’m so tired of bigots like Beck using their position in the media to pump crap into mailable American minds that I had to call him out on it. What this country needs is for more bigots to be uprooted and have their mics taken away.