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Politech: Obama Isn’t Going to Eat Your Internet Lunch

Posted in obama, Tech with tags , , , on September 2, 2009 by jwilhelmy

Last Friday, Declan McCullagh whipped the internet up in a frenzy about a proposed bill that would allow the President to disconnect private sector computer from the internet. Reporting for CNET news, McCullagh asserts that S. 773 will give the White House the ability to declare a national security emergency relating to cyber security.

In which, the President would then be able to basically flip a switch to shut down the internet. This is, indeed, a very scary proposition. Scary enough to prompt Faux News to say this bill would be used by the administration to choke off industry and civil liberties.

We know that those dems are up to something bad when the Drudge Report fires up the warning siren. You may remember McCullagh from around ten years ago when he spread the false rumor that Al Gore claimed to be the inventor of the internet.

So where is this magical switch that would somehow shut down the internet? There isn’t one. A majority of the internet backbone is owned and operated by just a few large telco’s and we already know how willing they are to bend over backwards for the White House.

Considering that they’ll hand over your call records without a warrant, do you think that they’ll think twice about turning off your Facebook for a while? That’s right, the Government already has this power and what this bill is talking about doing is setting up a procedure that can be followed in a situation where our national security has been compromised via the internet. That’s a good thing, it’s called preparedness.

We only need to look back to CNET to tell us why we’re so vulnerable to attacks from the internet. Back in April, they reported about how much more at risk our nation has become since a large portion of our electrical grid is now managed online.

The truth is that shutting down electric service (or water, gas, etc) is a much more enticing proposition for the nasties of the world since you can touch most everyone in our country by interrupting those services.

And not only could they interrupt those services, but imagine if they were bent on releasing the flood gates on the damn upstream of your children’s school.

Or perhaps someone wants to log onto the controls of the nuclear power plant and overload the reactor and cause a meltdown, putting a procedure in place to halt these attacks doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore. But, if we want to talk about taking power away from the President, let’s talk about his ability to wipe out humanity with the nuclear weapons he controls.