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Is Sarah Palin More of a Performer Than a Politician?

Posted in Politics with tags , , on July 11, 2009 by Bitch Slap Poli

palin doesn't knowPolitics and policy making is hard, you betcha’. Spouting out senseless rhetoric that fans and critics alike relish in hearing     is so much easier and more financially rewarding.

Sarah Palin’s Motivation for Resignation – Not Political?

Though many are speculating that Sarah Palin’s recent maverick move to resign as Governor of Alaska was motivated by dreams of a 2012 presidential run, I disagree. It’s clear since getting a national platform in 2008 that her sights have been aimed higher than Anchorage. But with an extremely limited political record Palin has basically committed public servant suicide.

She herself stated in a recent interview with ABC: “Politically speaking — if I die, I die. So be it.”

Pair that with how she stressed both in her resignation speech and the interviews afterward that she doesn’t need a title to promote her agenda, and it seems clear that politics is not the short-term goal or her real motivation for quitting.

Which brings us to an interesting question: Is Sarah Palin more of a performer than a politician?

Palin was Primed for the Public Spotlight

I’m leaning towards performer on this one. Just look at how the resignation was handled. As much as Palin harps on about how much she hates the media she was quick to call them out to Alaska for interviews after the bombshell she dropped just before a holiday weekend.

And the photo op was clearly staged to show her in a certain light. She invited the media to join her and her family on a fishing trip, consciously stepping away from her political figure persona. Palin has a Communications-Journalism degree for God’s sake. She understands (or should) how the game works.

Not to mention she is a past beauty queen. And before you pass judgment on that comment you should probably know I myself was in a few beauty pageants. Good contestants know how to put on a pretty face for the public, to give the answer they think will resonate with those judging at the moment, and they’re charismatic. not contrived at all

Must I remind you of the winking during the VP debate. It seems Palin has decided that the beauty queen route is more up her speed than government and politics.

Lucky in Alaska

It was made clear in the 2008 Presidential election that she has a lot of gaps in her knowledge and understanding of high level politics and policy making. And since the election she has failed to heed the advice of the GOP to back away from the public eye and focus on those points.

Vanity Fair aptly pointed out in a recent article just how unprepared she was, not only for the vice-presidency but also governorship. The debates in both elections are perfect examples of her lack of interest in beefing up on key issues and proper procedure in policy making. Palin had basically gotten lucky in Alaska not having to prove her merit and aptitude.

But Alaska is one of the least populated states in the US and she was up against one of the least popular Governors in Alaska’s history so the chips were stacked in her favor for the weaknesses to be overlooked.

What Does the Future Hold for Sarah Palin?

Palin’s resignation is pointing out, though the majority of us have acknowledged it for some time, that she is an ineffective leader within the government. She didn’t have the knowledge or experience to handle tough issues, or even direct questions at times. Now that things aren’t as easy in her home state she’s cutting her losses.

Palin has confirmed that politics takes skill that often escapes the average Joe. Yes, in our country it’s possible for most any citizen to become president and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified. But Palin has also proven that anyone with good looks and camera in front of them can enter the realm of celebrity in America.

Debate Point: The Hills.

This whole resignation shenanigan supports the theory I’ve had since her ticket lost the election in November. Sounds to me like she’s trying to justify chasing the money, to justify being opportunistic and gettin’ while the gettin’ was good. And who can blame her for that in this economy and with her legal fees.

About those legal fees. Wasn’t the Alaska Fund Trust set up several months back and donated to since then in order to cover the cost of those legal fees? And what’s happening with all of the SarachPAC donations now? I’ll save breaking down the real legal expenses in another post.

Yeah, the media is where she’ll excel. She can spin the truth as well as the best of them.

My prediction of what’s next for Sarah Palin: book tour, stumping for her own agenda, and a show most likely on the Fox News Network.