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What’s Your Favorite Walter Cronkite Moment?

Posted in breaking news, entertainment with tags , , on July 18, 2009 by Bitch Slap Poli

At 92, Walter Cronkite died yesterday, July 17, 2009 of cerebrovascular disease a result of dementia. A walter cronkite

painful twist of fate for one of the best American news journalists in history.

Growing up in a military family I personally have to say my favorite work of Cronkite’s was in his early days when he elevated his own exposure and credentials while covering WWII.  He got to help bomb the Nazis on their home turf, how awesome is that!? Some of the most touching and eye-opening of news coverage comes from those who put the truth above all else, even personal safety.

The way that Cronkite and his colleagues took to the lines alongside the soldiers on the ground and in the air is just what reporters like Graham Smith and David Gilkey are doing now during the war in Afghanistan.

This war coverage, showing the best and worst of humanity at all once, is the general public’s closest means to understanding exactly what it is our country is involved in – the actual costs and rewards to be gained and the people being directly affected on either sides.

The globalization of war through media has brought it closer to home. Anyone with interest can even see videos from the enemies or read blogs written by Taliban supporters if they want that take on it.

That’s what I think was Mr. Cronkite’s finest moments bringing us the news. But he accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime – he was a college drop out with a career, was the first person to ever be called an anchor man, hosted a game show, and let’s not forget CBS Evening News.

Feel free to add to the list of achievements.