Education Controversies Are a New Low for Conservatives

It’s time for the general public to say enough is enough with the fear mongering from the staunch conservatives.  The latest claim that Obama is trying to coerce America’s youth with his speech to schools across the country is not only ridiculous, it’s hypocritical.

But the attacking of ‘liberal’ teaching in our education system doesn’t stop there. This morning on Fox News Tucker Carlson leveraged the controversy to report that some textbooks are now teaching the history of Columbus differently than they use to.

Right Wing Extremists Want to Ignore Historical Accuracy in Education

They are teaching students THE TRUTH about Columbus’s journey and conquest in the new world. But somehow Carlson interpreted teaching students about the wrongs of unethically dominating another culture, taking their resources and land without giving anything in return and correcting the inaccuracies of stating that Columbus “discovered” America as anti-American.

Anyone can look at a number of historical accounts and find that what is now being taught about Columbus and the beginning of American history is correct. So, Mr. are you saying we should not be teaching history as it really happened? That instead we should put a spin on it and tell our youth only what we want them to hear and believe, and mask what the truth is?

Because it seems that that is what Carlson is supporting with those arguments, and interestingly enough altering history books to purposely cover up facts to paint your country and government in a better light is what a number of Communist countries do.

Back to the Issue of Obama Brainwashing Children’s Feeble Minds

As far as Obama’s school speech goes – anyone who says this is an attempt to promote the president’s agenda is a fool, which they will probably feel like come Tuesday.  Basically because one sentence was worded in a way that could be negatively misinterpreted (How can you help the president?) the right wing extremists want to keep their kids from school so they aren’t brainwashed by the speech that they have the OPTION of watching.

Keeping your kids out of school will really helped our high drop-out rates and our falling ranking among the world’s education systems. (Based on what’s being measured out school systems rank between 7th and 18th in the world, about 20 years ago we were number 1.)

That is precisely what Obama will be talking to the students about – how they can help improve our education in this country by working hard in school and setting goals and sticking to them. How is it possible for anyone with any inkling of sense who isn’t trying to get reelected in 2010 and is just pandering to voters going to honestly say this going to derail our children with ideas of socialism?

Especially when you consider that a number of presidents have done the exact same thing. Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan both gave speeches to the youth of America that was then broadcast to schools across the country. And Reagan talked for a long spell about the importance of supporting lower taxes.

So, was it fine for Bush Sr. and Reagan to address schools in the U.S. but not for Obama to do it? And if so, what reason the reasoning behind thinking that?

The Obama Administration Needs to Take a Stronger Stand Against Muckrakers

The Obama administration really needs to start delving into the reasoning behind these fear tactics and misinformation and who is responsible for it, then they need to publically call them out on it. These types of claims are actually believed by some people as crazy as it may seem.

In an unsettling time people are already stressed out and some in the media and politics are taking advantage of that.  In the past these peddlers of lies would have been tarred and feathered by the people they duped.

They’re banking on the fact that Obama is above the muckraking that they wallow in.

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