Green Energy and Green Collar Jobs Need to Get Going

The economy is showing signs of recovery as far as banking, housing, and consumer confidence goes. Due to the natural order of economic recovery you have to start big and work your way down to the small, or in other words you have to stabilize banks and businesses before job creation can take place.

One way to speed up the job growth process – pass the clean energy bill and keeping throwing stimulus money at green energy job training and businesses.

Green Energy Can Be Our Next Automotive Industry

Just as the car industry was a manufacturing powerhouse for the U.S., green energy can rescue us from high unemployment rates, a sagging economy and a severe imbalance between imports and exports. Think about it:

  • Thousands of new “Green Collar” jobs.
  • Decreased reliance on foreign energy sources, i.e. oil.
  • Energy that doesn’t pollute the environment – who the hell doesn’t like clean air?
  • Energy that’s smarter, more efficient and cost consumers less over time, especially now that prices have started dropping.
  • Would keep the U.S. at the forefront of technology development.
  • Would put the U.S. back on the map as a goods producer, rather than consumer.

re losing market share daily and letting it happen. If you think borrowing a whole lot from China to keep afloat is bad, imagine paying them for renewable energy products we could be charging them for instead on top of repaying loans.

Everything that the car did for America’s culture and economy green energy can do for us today.

Americans Ask Yourselves – Do We Want to be Leaders or Followers?

Listen up people – we are already falling behind as far as the green energy movement is concerned. Not only is this killing our rep as the most innovative country in the world, it’s also costing our economy.

As prices drop new markets emerge, leading to a rise in demand which in turn increases the need for supply which can only be accomplished by increasing productivity which most likely will require more manpower. The real beauty of green energy production is its a necessity for a worldwide market.

Need and demand for renewable energy is increasing and more green jobs are going to be created, whether at home or overseas.

For those who say green energy won’t be that big of a job supplier because most of the unemployed don’t have the necessary skills I point you to the fact that more and more training is being offered to teach the needed skills. Besides we shouldn’t write off a new industry because the workforce hasn’t been fully introduced to it yet.

Some will also note that exactly what jobs are considered “green” is still fuzzy which makes it hard to determine how many green jobs the stimulus spending has actually created. However, a new study found that the term “green job” as its applied today fails to include non-white collar workers, so if anything the estimates are likely low.

Clean, green energy is the future and its change that should be embraced rather than rebuffed. Especially when you consider that the most vocal players against green energy are those that have a stake in its competition – oil. They have money to lose, what do you have to lose?

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  1. why do we need renewable energy…

    The economy is showing signs of recovery as far as banking housing and consumer confidence goes. Due […]…

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